Our herd of Spanish Goats are from the bloodlines of Smoke Ridge, Valera, Syfan and Baylis. These bloodlines bring outstanding qualities: hardiness, rugged, and the ability to thrive in difficult environments. Spanish are known for being parasite and disease resistant, promoting longevity.

Does are prolific, and have great maternal instincts. Our kidding takes place early spring and is done unassisted in open pasture, it is amazing to see the affection the new mothers give to their young. In a matter of days, the young start to play together, jumping and dancing in the pastures as the mother watch closely.

Rotating pastures is on the top of our priority list, providing the best nature has to provide. We do however supply free choice of loose minerals, mineral and salt blocks to insure they are getting everything they require, goats are very intelligent, they will eat what is essential to their individual needs.

Listed in the Watch status of the Conservation Priority List from the Livestock Conservancy.  Definition of Watch Status - Fewer than 2,500 annual registrations in the United Stated and estimated global population of less than 10,000. 

Members of the Spanish Goat Association