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Karakul Sheep were added to the farm in 2016.

The adults are medium in size weighing between 100-200 lbs. Karakul Sheep are hardy and adaptable to a variety of climate conditions. Being that they are aggressive grazers and browsers they are a welcomed benefit to our pastures.

The Karakul wool is well known among hand spinners because of its array of colors. Porous wool texture absorbs well upon coloring when dyes are applied to make vibrant shades. The fleece strand of six inches and longer makes for a nice workable length.

Listed in the Threatened status of the Conservation Priority List from the Livestock Conservancy.  Definition of Threatened Status - Fewer than 1,000 annual registrations in the United Stated and estimated global population of less than 5,000. 

Members of the Karakul Sheep Association

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